Beginner’s guide to printing photographs – part 4

We are coming to the end of our 4-part beginner’s guide to printing photographs. Part 1 introduced us to the complications and costs involved in printing and provides us an introduction to photo printers. Part 2 introduced colour management, the confusion of printer-paper profiles, and gives some suggestions for users choosing between Epson and Canon printers. Part 3 provided additional information about the different types of photographic papers available and the various factors you have to consider while choosing a paper. If all that confusion has not dissuaded you from trying to print your own photos, welcome to part 4, where we finally summarise all the required steps that lead to us sending a print to the printer.

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Beginner’s guide to printing photographs – part 3

In part 1 of this series, we gave a first introduction to the complexities, costs and basic fundamentals involved in printing your own photographs. In part 2, we introduced you to the complications of colour management for printer-paper profiles and tried to help you decide whether to choose an Epson or Canon printer. In part 3 now, we will discuss different photographic paper types. The information in this part may have a slight effect on your choice of printers, or not. 😛

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Beginner’s guide to printing photographs – Part 2

In part one of this series, I made an introduction to printing your own photographs, explained why you might want to do it, gave some tips on what printers to not buy, and gave readers a first glimpse into the complexity of choosing a printer. In this follow-up post, I will give some recommendations for choosing between an Epson or a Canon inkjet printer for printing novices who wish to start printing their own photographs.

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Beginner’s guide to printing photographs – Part 1

Why print?

You have been enjoying your photographic hobby for a while. Eventually, you reach an epiphany – your pictures in the digital space scream for a place in the physical world! You want to share physical photographs with relatives and friends that they are proud to put on display or use as a cover for a diary or scrapbook. Or you want to decorate your home with your own work. Or you want to create your own physical album to record your precious memories, tangible and easy to look at and pass down to a next of kin. Or you simply realized that printing is really the next step in your photographic journey. After all, although your pictures may look good on a fancy colour-calibrated monitor,  the real test of quality is to see how your work actually measures up in physical form!

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Update: A long haitus and discontinuing my domain

I have been obviously very quiet this year. That is because I now have the additional responsibilities of being a father. 😀 To add to that, my responsibilities as a husband also increased as I spend more time my wife, who understandably needs more support during such an intense turning point of her life. ^^;

In view of the changes in my life, my approach to a hobby has also changed. As much as I enjoy visual art, it is not my livelihood. Regrettably, I make more money not doing photography – now wouldn’t it be nice if I do? Anyway, it is what it is, and perhaps it is for the best. Someone once mentioned to me, “when your hobby becomes your work, you may have to start looking for another hobby.” 

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Photokina 2018 Is Depressing

Troubled Man On Street Bench With Head In Hands2018. Singapore. Troubled man on the street.

There have been many announcements in the past day by the various camera equipment manufacturers. Looking through all of them, I can’t help but feel depressed. It seems that everyone is going to be selling stuff that are too big, too heavy, and too expensive. I not only can’t afford most of this stuff, I don’t want to carry them when I actually want to go out and take some pictures for leisure. And these camera companies are wondering why people don’t want to buy their over-expensive, over-weight, over-sized products and rather use a mobile phone to take pictures. 😐 Continue reading “Photokina 2018 Is Depressing”

Starting With Mobile Phone Photography

2018. Singapore. No parking for motorcycles. Not bicycles.2018. Singapore. No parking for motorcycles, but this isn’t one.

Yes, I am incredibly late to the world of mobile phone photography. I never thought much about it because the camera unit on the mobile phones I have owned over the years have never been known to be particularly competent. My start to mobile phone photography involvement was totally accidental. You know the usual story: I saw something really interesting and I did not have my camera with me. Besides, I don’t care much about the pixel quality of random street photography anyway. It is more about the moment than picture quality (Though having both would be ideal). So out came the phone from my pocket and I snapped away. And then I just thought, “Hmmm I should do this more often.” Continue reading “Starting With Mobile Phone Photography”

I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series


I wrote about the various possibilities for what Panasonic’s countdown timer for Photokina 2018 could mean, and I was right. Ah, so good to gloat. This was my prediction:

Possibility 4: They really are doing a new, regular FF ML product line. In which case I say they should get ready for massive failure against the existing competition. Unless like the M43 collaboration with Olympus, this is a new collaboration or partnership with another organization that lends it more momentum and credibility. Continue reading “I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series”

Really Nice Images All Films now available for Capture One Pro


Really Nice Images makes a really nice set of film simulation presets. They are one of the few things I miss after I switched over from Adobe Lightroom to DXO PhotoLab. The good news is, they have now ported their full set of film presets to Capture One Pro! Now, just make this available for DXO PhotoLab as well and I’ll purchase it all over again. 🙂

You can find out more about their products at their website.


Nikon Z Mount Nikkor S-Line Lenses: What is it?

z2The initial line-up of Nikkor S-Line lenses

When Nikon debuted their new full-frame mirrorless camera system the Nikon Z, they also introduced a new product line of lenses to the Nikkor lens family. This is called the S-Line. I watched through the entire live stream of the announcement presentation so it was very clear to me what the S-Line of lenses mean. However, there seems to be a lot of misinformation spread by ill-informed and unethical Youtubers desperate to publish videos for revenue-driving hits without doing any responsible research.

Therefore, I present here a detailed, yet simple to understand explanation of what the new S-Line Nikkor lenses are. Continue reading “Nikon Z Mount Nikkor S-Line Lenses: What is it?”