Update: A long haitus and discontinuing my domain

I have been obviously very quiet this year. That is because I now have the additional responsibilities of being a father. 😀 To add to that, my responsibilities as a husband also increased as I spend more time my wife, who understandably needs more support during such an intense turning point of her life. ^^;

In view of the changes in my life, my approach to a hobby has also changed. As much as I enjoy visual art, it is not my livelihood. Regrettably, I make more money not doing photography – now wouldn’t it be nice if I do? Anyone, it is what it is, and perhaps it is for the best. Someone once mentioned to me, “when your hobby becomes your work, you may have to start looking for another hobby.” 

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Photokina 2018 Is Depressing

Troubled Man On Street Bench With Head In Hands2018. Singapore. Troubled man on the street.

There have been many announcements in the past day by the various camera equipment manufacturers. Looking through all of them, I can’t help but feel depressed. It seems that everyone is going to be selling stuff that are too big, too heavy, and too expensive. I not only can’t afford most of this stuff, I don’t want to carry them when I actually want to go out and take some pictures for leisure. And these camera companies are wondering why people don’t want to buy their over-expensive, over-weight, over-sized products and rather use a mobile phone to take pictures. 😐 Continue reading “Photokina 2018 Is Depressing”

Starting With Mobile Phone Photography

2018. Singapore. No parking for motorcycles. Not bicycles.2018. Singapore. No parking for motorcycles, but this isn’t one.

Yes, I am incredibly late to the world of mobile phone photography. I never thought much about it because the camera unit on the mobile phones I have owned over the years have never been known to be particularly competent. My start to mobile phone photography involvement was totally accidental. You know the usual story: I saw something really interesting and I did not have my camera with me. Besides, I don’t care much about the pixel quality of random street photography anyway. It is more about the moment than picture quality (Though having both would be ideal). So out came the phone from my pocket and I snapped away. And then I just thought, “Hmmm I should do this more often.” Continue reading “Starting With Mobile Phone Photography”

I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series


I wrote about the various possibilities for what Panasonic’s countdown timer for Photokina 2018 could mean, and I was right. Ah, so good to gloat. This was my prediction:

Possibility 4: They really are doing a new, regular FF ML product line. In which case I say they should get ready for massive failure against the existing competition. Unless like the M43 collaboration with Olympus, this is a new collaboration or partnership with another organization that lends it more momentum and credibility. Continue reading “I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series”

Really Nice Images All Films now available for Capture One Pro


Really Nice Images makes a really nice set of film simulation presets. They are one of the few things I miss after I switched over from Adobe Lightroom to DXO PhotoLab. The good news is, they have now ported their full set of film presets to Capture One Pro! Now, just make this available for DXO PhotoLab as well and I’ll purchase it all over again. 🙂

You can find out more about their products at their website.


Nikon Z Mount Nikkor S-Line Lenses: What is it?

z2The initial line-up of Nikkor S-Line lenses

When Nikon debuted their new full-frame mirrorless camera system the Nikon Z, they also introduced a new product line of lenses to the Nikkor lens family. This is called the S-Line. I watched through the entire live stream of the announcement presentation so it was very clear to me what the S-Line of lenses mean. However, there seems to be a lot of misinformation spread by ill-informed and unethical Youtubers desperate to publish videos for revenue-driving hits without doing any responsible research.

Therefore, I present here a detailed, yet simple to understand explanation of what the new S-Line Nikkor lenses are. Continue reading “Nikon Z Mount Nikkor S-Line Lenses: What is it?”

5 Major Problems with the Canon R System (2018)

Canon EOS R

I am going to complete this introduction quickly. Canon has fully revealed their full-frame mirrorless system. After a few days of reading through the information available from Canon and first-hand accounts, I cannot help but notice it has some major issues compared to its main competition – Sony and Nikon. My focus is on how the end-user is affected, so this article is about real practical considerations. These are issues that the person who is going to hand over their hard-earned money for a Canon R system needs to think through, and they should. Photography is an expensive hobby if you are not making money from it. Continue reading “5 Major Problems with the Canon R System (2018)”

Where I have been…

2018 Singapore. Light and shadow on the bridge stairsLight and shadow on the bridge

Some of you may have noticed I have been away from posting more regularly for quite a while. The reason is because I have been shooting private portraits for people who want to preserve their precious memories and keep it to themselves. In other words, really nothing much I can share publicly.

So perhaps I will be posting more about opinions on random photography-related news for a while. This is just me blogging about random stuff. Maybe something interesting gets written and shared. Maybe nothing. We’ll see. ;D


What Is Panasonic Planning For Photokina 2018?

Panasonic lumix countdown

The rumour mill has been going very strong for a while for Panasonic this past month. They have a countdown timer for Photokina 2018, and it is a really, really long countdown timer. In fact, it is about the same length as Nikon’s countdown timer for their new product line of Z cameras – nearly a month! One would think that if you have such a long timer you would have something really interesting to announce. Indeed, rumours suggest that Panasonic is going to release a new camera line with a mount size larger than micro-four-thirds. Of course, rumours are rumours. But sometimes there is no smoke without fire, and the timer is truly a long one. So let us try to make some intelligent deductions and manage our expectations. Continue reading “What Is Panasonic Planning For Photokina 2018?”

Is One Card Slot Enough? How to Prevent Corruption For Any Card-based Media.

SD Card Close-up

It was just a year ago when I wrote my guide “4 Tips On How To Avoid Getting SD Cards Corrupted”. I had no idea how relevant it would be now, seeing the paranoia and teeth-gnashing photography geeks are going through at the moment. Yes, both Canon’s and Nikon’s first foray into full-frame mirrorless introduced cameras that only feature one card slot. And if you have read the guide linked above, you would think that it actually does not matter. And you are right! Consider this follow-up article a successor to my original article, with more information and clearer explanations. Continue reading “Is One Card Slot Enough? How to Prevent Corruption For Any Card-based Media.”