Poor Old Woman Packing Cardboard

Poor Old Lady Packing Cardboard

Singapore: In a nation with one of the highest proportion of millionaires in the world, a scene that locals hope they didn’t see, and are probably ashamed to see it. An old woman, a hump-back, packs cardboard boxes below a residential flat to sell – part of an effort to make a living in her twilight years. A woeful reminder of the widening income gap and the plight of the less financially-able in this expensive cosmopolitan city-state.

One thought on “Poor Old Woman Packing Cardboard

  1. Touching picture. Seeing people like her makes me think of ways to make a change, no matter how small. Part of my family there also lives under poor circumstances and this just shows me how much in life is dependent on being lucky.
    I’ll think of something. I hate just being there and ignoring the dark side of this sparkling city. Thank you for giving me the push I needed.


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