Alien Skin Exposure X Offers Brush And Layers!

Alien Skin serves up one of the most pleasantly deceptive marketing campaigns for the upcoming update to their venerable film-preset-and-image-editing software, Exposure X. Whereas most companies would advertise the killer features right at the beginning, Alien Skin seems be saving the best for the last. For the last two months, Alien Skin has been handing out bite-sized information about Exposure X, advertising a fast image browsing and viewing mode. Great features for sure but not exactly head-turning. Now they just revealed a new killer-feature in Exposure X: support for brush and layers!

This is exciting news and I am quite sure 9 out of 10 existing Exposure users are going to click that “upgrade” button when Exposure X is released. We are finally getting what we have been requesting for a long time – the ability to stack effects and presets like the Nik plugins can. Yahoo!

The end of the latest promotional video also teases that there may be more features to be unveiled in the future. So keep your eyes on their blog.

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