Alien Skin Exposure X Now Available

The newest update to Alien Skin Exposure, Exposure X, has been released and is now available for purchase.

Which is rather surprising, as there hasn’t been much publicity about it. From the “what’s new” page, the main features that existing Exposure users may be interested in include:

  • New photo organiser features.
  • Fast photo browsing and view.
  • Brushes and layers.
  • Noise reduction.(There has been no prior news about this function.)

There are some additional presets, but nothing eye-catching.

One gets the impression that Alien Skin is increasingly moving to embrace more than its original signature role as a “film presets” application. This is absolutely fine, but some portion of users may be disappointed there has not been much improvements or refinements in this area. Indeed it almost feels like Exposure may no longer be “the film presets application”. Ignoring the mass-market-look VSCO, there are now many other alternatives such as RNI, Replichrome, Mastin Labs. I have received feedback from a few ex-Exposure users that these offer better results, although Exposure still has a few presets that they always turn back to.

Learn more about Exposure X at Alien Skin’s website here.

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