Photo Album 2016 Day 147: In Seoul’s Subway

In which we take a look at images from Seoul’s subways.

Seoul 2016: Stall Along Subway DescentSeoul 2016: Stall Along The Subway Descent
Nikon D610, 29mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 900

Let us descend into the subway stations. As usual there are shops in the stations selling food and drinks, household items, cosmetics, apparel, and other day-to-day items. There is an interesting and unique trait I observe:

There are shops selling food and drinks behind the gates – on the platforms themselves. Apparently the level of social responsibility among the residents of Seoul is so high that they are trusted not to dirty the trains and platforms with food scraps and litter. This is novel to me, as there is an abundance of “no eating, no drinking” rules in the public transport systems in my country. All for good reasons, as I myself do not trust my own country men to have the necessary level of conscience to sustain such levels of public cleanliness. Kudos to the South Koreans for this remarkable social achievement!

Seoul’s subway system is well developed and offers easy access to most places of interest. It is less complicated than say, Tokyo’s subway and train system. Subway navigation applications for Seoul are easily available on Android and Apple application stores, so you will be able to find your way from one station to another easily. Convenient stored-value cards are readily available and travellers can easily pick them up when they arrive at the airport.

Seoul Subway: Narrow PlatformSeoul 2016: Narrow Subway Platform
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 1400

I have also noticed there are stretches of stations in the city that are physically connected via underground passages and walkways lined with shops. So you could theoretically take a really long walk to another station underground if you did not feel like taking the train.

Another unique aspect I have noticed is the ringing chime that signals train arrival is markedly different from the chime I have heard in other countries. No boring “ding-dong-ding” sounds here. What is played here is actually a pleasant, melodious tune. A nice surprise.

Seoul Subway: Waiting For The TrainSeoul 2016: Waiting For The Train
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 1400

More to come from Seoul – WY

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