Seoul 2016: Mural Village Alley Stairs And Electric Cables

Seoul Mural Village 2016: Alley StairsSeoul 2016: Mural Village Alley Stairs And Electric Cables
Nikon D610, f/8, 35mm, 1/250, ISO 100

In summary, the Ihwa Mural Village in Seoul is a wonderful place to visit. It isn’t actively promoted in a lot of travel guides, but that makes the crowd thinner and the place so much more enduring. It’s a little tourist-y town on a hillside with the remnants of a historic fortress wall. Dotted with many cafes, small eateries and little accessory shops. The main attraction is the large number of art graffiti painted all over the town, making this place a very nice location for pictures of loved ones. Not a lot of pictures I’m sharing here as those are of people close to me who desire more privacy. šŸ™‚ But trust me to pay a visit here.

One aspect of the visit here which strikes me is the amount of power cables above ground and how they seem to be haphazardly strung up all over the place. Indeed I did not pay attention to this aspect of Seoul until this visit, whereupon I realized that this is not at all uncommon in many parts of Seoul. A surprising observation, considering how highly developed the city is. Nevertheless, they do add a little character and charm to the place! – WY

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