Seoul 2016: Street Of Itaewon

Seoul 2016: Street Of ItaewonSeoul 2016: Street Of Itaewon
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/4.5, 1/250, ISO 640

Itaewon is a bit of a multicultural tourism district. I will say that the diversity of F&B cultures on offer is definitely more interesting than the shopping. To quote from the Korean Tourism Board’s Visit Korea website, “Restaurants right behind Hamilton Hotel form a type of exhibition hall for international foods from Korea, New York, London, India, Thailand, China, Greece, Pakistan, Italy, France, Mexico, Australia, and more. Unique flavors, exotic interiors, and diverse nationalities help to make Itaewon befittingly ‘the global village in Seoul.’”

My verdict is that unless you are looking for a taste of non-Korean food and a little bit of a non-Korean feel in Seoul, this could be a nice place to drop by. The Itaewon LINE Store is definitely an important attraction in this area. Overall I would consider this a “only visit if you have the time and nowhere else to consider” destination. – WY

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