Tokyo 2016: Streets Of Akihabara And A Glimpse Of Haneda (Gallery)

Tokyo 2016: Streets of Akihabara 2Tokyo 2016: Street of Akibahara 1
Nikon D610, 26mm, f/8, 1/200, ISO 100

I have a personal theory that visitors to Akihabara would react in five different ways. They are:

1. The locals
We’ve gotten used to the craziness.

2. The nerd
This is awesome and I’m in paradise.

3. The confused
I don’t know what’s going on. Please get me out of here.

4. The traumatized
My brain has shut down as a form of protection from information and emotional overload.

5. The observer
I’ll have to process my observations and digest the visual information slowly and carefully to prevent myself turning into (3) or (4).

Tokyo 2016: Road To AkihabaraTokyo 2016: Approaching Akibahara

I had thought that MyeongDong was an interesting concoction of colours, sound, vision and going-ons. But Akibahara took this to a new level, and threw in a ton of nerd craziness as well. If you are a type (2) or (5), I’ll recommend a visit to Akihabara. Even if you are a type (4), maybe getting a mental blackout could be fun once a while.

Tokyo 2016: Streets of AkihabaraTokyo 2016: Streets Of Akibaraha 2

To be honest I only passed by this place while visiting some business partners. So I didn’t spend a long time here. Just a few images here and there. There are many places that I didn’t get to see. I won’t put too many words to describe what I saw, as Akihabara really ought to be experienced first-hand. Many stores also have a “no photography” policy, and I respect the policies of these businesses. For now, I will just share these images from the streets.

Tokyo 2016: Streets of Akibahara 3Tokyo 2016: Streets Of Akibahara 3

Tokyo 2016: Akihabara Yodabashi CameraTokyo 2016: Akihabara Yodabashi Camera

I’ll end this post with an image from Haneda’s viewing gallery roof. A relatively nice spot for some sunlight and a little rest. – WY

Tokyo 2016: Haneda Airport Outdoor Viewing GalleryTokyo 2016: Haneda Airport Viewing Gallery Roof
Nikon D610, 21mm, f/8, 1/500, ISO 100

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