Singapore 2016 Week 45: Architecture And Malls (Gallery)

Singapore 2016: Orchard Central LayersSingapore 2016: Orchard Central Layers
Nikon D610, 22mm, f/8, 1/60 ISO 800

The Orchard Central Mall occupies one of the top spots among the list of most interesting mall designs I have ever seen – though the decision for innovation in architecture may not be voluntary. It is built on a strip of land that is unusually long and also unusually narrow. The traditional “large open space in the center with retail levels rising around it” would limit the retail space available to individual shops and cause a feeling of being uncomfortably confined. A decision was made to move the traditional open area entirely onto one side and have it stretch throughout the building’s entire length. A lot of care was taken to evoke a feeling of free, open space by exposing the retail layers wherever possible. It is quite cleverly done. You could be moving around in the narrow retail space, then suddenly come across an open area which exposes the retail layers and provides pleasant relief from the sense of being confined.

Oh and if anyone is wondering, that IS a giant statue of a woman. It stands about 5 storeys tall and carries a shopping bag. 😛

Singapore 2016: Life Around The FountainSingapore 2016: Life Around The Fountain
Nikon D610, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/60 ISO 2800

This is an iconic scene. This fountain in the basement of Ngee Ann City Mall has become a mini-landmark for tired shoppers looking for a place to rest their legs. Of course it also looks quite impressive and is obviously built for fengshui considerations. I am quite confident that if ever the fountain gets removed, this image is going to be an important record in the annals of history in how this fountain played a part in the the lives of the people who gathered around it everyday.

Singapore 2016: Claymore ConnectSingapore 2016: Life Around The Fountain
Nikon D610, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/60 ISO 2000

Claymore Connect is not really a proper mall. It is just a shopping arcade off to the side of a hotel. Nothing really interesting here to warrant a tourist visit, but the newly renovated interior sure looks good! – WY

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