Singapore 2016 Week 52: Modern And Historic Architecture

Well it’s been too long since I have shared any images as I was busy messing around with Affinity Photo. Here is a set of architecture images – from a mix of modern and historic subjects. All images here were taken with a Nikon D610 and the Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED.

Singapore 2016: Dhoby Gaut Underground Train StationSingapore 2016: Dhoby Gaut Underground Train Station

Staff in a subway in general are very wary of people taking pictures around for two reasons.

1. Would-be terrorists are too dumb to take mental notes of interesting locations in and around a subway station and must need an attention-grabbing camera to do their reconnaissance.

2. Management is actually incompetent enough to believe in (1). No this is not a joke. This is real and people in management are really that unintelligent.

Fortunately the Dhoby Gaut station is extremely large and is located in a very “touristy” area, so there is slightly more tolerance for people taking pictures. Just don’t stay at one location too long. Find a location, snap your picture, then move on.

Singapore 2016: Kam Leng HotelSingapore 2016: Kam Leng Hotel

The outstanding feature of this building is that the hotel’s name is watermarked over its façade! Seriously, people could be driving or walking past this place all their lives and never notice this unless they cross the road and take a good look. This is one of my most surprising local discovery of 2016.

Singapore 2016: Life Among Historic FacadesSingapore 2016: Life Among Historic Facades

Jalan Besar is an interesting mix of historic and modern buildings. These old buildings have a conservation order on them so they must maintain their façade. This gives the area quite a bit of character. I dare say that most other parts of Singapore have architecture that is functional but also repetitive and boring. This is one of the last places on the island that still boasts some character flavour.

Singapore 2016: Bus Stop And Cyclist At The Old Shop HouseSingapore 2016: Bus Stop And Cyclist At The Old Shop House

There are really only a handful of places where you can still see such backgrounds in Singapore.

I’ll see if I can get in another post before the year ends. – WY

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