2017 Week 10 Gallery: Chinatown Bazaar

Singapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar - At A Food StallSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Shoppers At The Food Stall

Posting at least one series of pictures from Chinatown has become a yearly routine. There are two major Chinese festivals in a year, so the opportunity is difficult to resist. If I didn’t visit during one festival, I would have still have the opportunity to visit during the other.

Singapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar - Free Snacks For TryingSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Free Food Samples

This series of photographs were taken during the 2017 Chinese New Year. Of course the astute reader will notice that this post is one month late. I guess work has been really catching up with me. What’s more, I will be busy with work and processing some stock images, so I may not be sharing a gallery again anytime soon…

Singapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar - Red Packets At The Peanut StallSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Peanut Merchant Hawking His Wares With Fortune Packets

The Chinese New Year bazaar in Chinatown evolve slowly. Generally merchants are still hawking the same food and snacks, though I observe that this year there are even more variations of nuts being sold. So there is a little more sophistication in the choices available for such traditional foodstuffs. In general, merchants remain cautious as they balance the potential of introducing creative new tastes versus the traditional expectations of the crowd.

Singapore 2017: Chinatown - Faces In The CrowdSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Faces In The Crowd

From the technical side of things, every picture in this post was taken using a Nikon D610 and the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G. Only the picture above was taken wide open. After years of shooting, I came to the conclusion that the whole “use fast lenses for night or low-light scenes” concept is incredibly short-sighted and naïve. Even at f/4 at 28mm, you may not have sufficient depth-of-field. Your subjects are rarely ever lined up in a perfect plane perpendicular to your camera. Not only are you cranking that Aperture down to keep various parts of a scene in focus, you are also keeping that shutter speed up to reduce subject blur. I typically stay at 1/250s if possible. So vibration reduction is pretty much useless. Yes there are really situations where only a full-frame camera and its high ISO capabilities can get the job done. The pictures here are shot at up to ISO 5,600.

Singapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar - At The Drinks StallSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Drinks Stall Merchant

As I mentioned earlier, It may be a while before I post another gallery. Maybe I’ll get around to writing a summary of the various Japanese camera companies after all. – WY

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