2017 Week 14 Gallery: Paris And The Louvre

Paris 2017: In The Louvre Pyramid In WinterParis 2017: The Louvre Pyramid Entrance

Paris was… is not all what mainstream opinion would want you to believe it is. The strongest sentiments come from what I call the “common ladies’ fantasy”. In this version of foreign perception, Paris is a utopic dream destination where all your romantic dreams are fulfilled. Of course the naΓ―ve souls have never visited the place, or just spent a few days visiting as part of a Europe tour.

So after spending almost two weeks in Paris as part of my work, one of my new favourite pastimes now is crushing the shallow Parisian dreams of silly girls. Woo-hoo!

Paris 2017: In The Louvre - A Moment In The GalleryParis 2017: A Moment In The Louvre

However in this post I won’t be doing anything destructive yet. I’ll save that for the next post. Instead, I’ll talk about the Louvre. In fact, I consider the Louvre the must-go destination of Paris. Yes, that honour does not go to the Eiffel Tower. The Lourve is the more worthy destination – by far. When you visit the Eiffel Tower, you take a few pictures and selfies, post it on social media, then bathe in the glow of your friends’ and followers’ “likes” to feed a narcissistic soul. The memory then fades away, buried under the daily tonnage of other people’s narcissistic cries for attention on your social media feeds. But the Louvre is different. Spend half a day or more here, and the experience and memory will stay with you for the rest of your life. You may learn something. It may change your perception of art. It may even change the way you look at your life. The Lourve is the place in Paris you point to and say, “This is worth the price of my air tickets.”

Paris 2017: Visitors In The LouvreParis 2017: Visitors In The Louvre

For your own sake set aside at least half-a-day for the place. Set aside a day if you can! After all, you’ll need at least nine months to fully appreciate everything on display here. So choose those exhibits you want to visit, plan your route and make sure you stick to it. You won’t be able to see everything, but you will at least be able to spend a good amount of time on those exhibits that you do wish to visit.

Paris 2017: In The Louvre - French Paintings Gallery 11Paris 2017: Visitors In The Louvre 2

Of course those of you who have visited the Louvre will notice this photo gallery is missing a number of prominent locations. There are two reasons for this. One, crowds can spoil an image. Two, some of them end up in my stock photography account. πŸ˜› Fortunately most of my more “arty” images are unsuitable for stock, and I post them here. πŸ˜€

Paris 2017: In The Louvre - Painter At WorkParis 2017: In The Louvre – Painter At Work

Paris 2017: In The Louvre - Painter At Work 2Paris 2017: In The Louvre – Painter At Work 2

Now for the technical geek stuff. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D610 and the Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G lens. Once again, the 18-35G proves itself a versatile tool. Light enough to carry around without hassle while producing extremely satisfying results. The D610 is technically 5-year old technology, but still continues to prove itself with incredible low-light capabilities and detail. I actually sold an ISO 6,400 picture shot with the D610. We already have the tools – hardware and software – to take and make great pictures. It is just about practicing, figure out how to do things and focus on taking the picture. No body cares about the brand of the paintbrushes these artists used to create these masterpieces on display. It is the painter’s skill, not the paintbrushes’ quality.

Paris 2017: In The Louvre - Teaching, Studying And PaintingParis 2017: In The Louvre – Teaching, Studying And Painting

In part 2 of my post on Paris, I may get around to crushing little girls’ Parisian dreams. πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned. – WY

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