Stop Obsessing Over Gear And Improve Your Photography

Explosion Of Youth

I will come straight to the point in answer to the title of this essay: stop being obsessed with camera-gear review/preview/rumour sites and video channels.

Yes, previews and reviews about camera equipment are important for us to make informed purchase decisions. I go through a truckload of online information myself when I was planning to purchase something new. But there is a difference between being informed and being unnecessarily obsessed or concerned.

Information about camera equipment is important, but watch the amount of time you spend on camera-gear-centric sites. Move off once you have the information you need. Our aim is to spend as little time on these sites as possible. We are better off spending time reading articles and watching videos that teach and inspire us how to produce better work. There are always better cameras, better lenses, better gear around next month’s corner. But a better photographer is what’s becoming rare.

Every five minutes I spend thinking and obsessing about gear is five minutes I didn’t spend thinking about how I can take better pictures. Every hour I spend talking about gear in forums is one hour I didn’t spend shooting pictures.

Once you understand the above and adjust your thinking and actions, you could be surprised that you are starting to improve in your photography skills faster than before.

Have fun. 😉 – WY

(Images displayed in this essay can be purchased as prints here.)

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