The Unexpected Return To Flora Photography

Coloured succulent growingBright Yellow Kangaroo Paw. This is native to Australia and the Mangle’s Kangaroo Paw is the floral emblem of Western Australia.

To be honest, this return to flora photography was totally unexpected. I spent a considerable amount of time on it a few years ago, but sort of gave it up as I was not getting a lot of positive feedback. I mean, sure flowers look good, but who is really interested? I eventually moved on to other genres, and justified the time spent as being good investments in developing different aspects of photographic discipline.

Then suddenly, someone is interested enough to print them. Sure it’s just two prints, and photography is still a hobby instead of a full time job. But it is reassuring enough to convince me that I should consider a return to the genre. Some physical obstacles remain though – I no longer own a long macro lens. πŸ˜› There also won’t be any flora subjects around me at this time of the year. So this return I’m considering will take a while. – WY

(Prints are available for sale here.)

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