WPC: Focus – Dreamy African Daisy

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Dreamy OsteospermumDreamy African Daisy

Dreamy close-up of an Osteospermum, or African Daisy. Print available from here. Full collection of flora prints can be found here! -WY

3 thoughts on “WPC: Focus – Dreamy African Daisy

  1. Beautiful. And instructive. I’ve often been less than satisfied with my flower photos – not happy about which areas are in focus or blurred. There are valuable lessons in these photos, about finding the areas of greatest interest and honing-in on them, and letting the other parts “go to bokeh.” It reflects a basic principle in all the visual arts. In graphic design and Web page design: make one photo dominant to tell the viewer’s eye where to go first. Same thing in stage design, film, and landscape, portrait, and people photography. My photos always improve when I remember that a photo is about just one thing.


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