2017 Week 25 Gallery 2: A Glimpse Of Fast Food

Golden French Fries Close-upGolden Fries
License image here.

Not all fast food is junk food. But not all fast food is exactly bursting with vitamins, fiber and nutrition either. It is still nice to grab a bite of fast food for its convenience, or just for the sake of temporary indulgence. Still, as this is a public blog I have to do the responsible thing and publicly advise people against indulging in too much fast food. I knew a young boy who spent his early life in the comforts of fast food fries, burgers and milkshakes. Watching him, I came to the conclusion that not all obesity is the result of genes – a large part of it is attributed to early childhood eating habits. Watch your children’s eating habits until they are old enough when they start panicking about how they need to look good to attract the opposite sex. 😉

Actually, I have to amend that statement. Continue to monitor your girls’ eating habits. Girls and adult women have a serious problem coming to terms with their body image. I knew a girl who engaged in self-induced vomiting to lose weight, and I’m on a long-term plan to coax my missus to put on more weight. Seriously, I have never seen men fawning over walking skeletons. So why so many women fight so hard to look like one is a mystery to me.

Beef Burger With Cheese And Bacon Close-UpBeef Burger With Cheese And Bacon
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Of course the fast food companies have been reacting to the criticisms of nutritionists and making changes to their menu. However, this is still no substitute for a well-balanced healthy meal. The Chinese have a proverb, “illness comes in through the mouth.” You really start to appreciate the importance of a balanced meal when someone you know falls ill and an unhealthy diet is identified as a leading cause. Spending the remaining years of your life in such a miserable way is unappealing – to you and your loved ones! East wisely. Stay healthy. Stay happy. -WY

Food images can be licensed here and here.

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