2017 Week 25 Gallery: High Tea Delicacies

High Tea SelectionThe High-Tea Table
License image here.

Good tea, bite-sized delicacies, sweets and pretty deserts in the late afternoon. How could one resist? Well… I sort of can. 😛 It’s one of those “fundamental differences between men and women” thing. Men will pay a couple of dollars for a good, down-to-earth meal such as a burger with fries, or swap the fries for vitamin-and-fibre-rich greens when we are feeling healthy. The allure of high-tea selections has a limited appeal to the human male species.

So the world has its women to thank for the existence and continual proliferation of the high-tea meal. After four decades of living, this is my first proper high-tea experience. And I have the missus to thank for this. Although I still feel compelled to mention that I paid the bill. 😥

Tiny Sweet Desert On A PlateTiny Sweet Dessert On A Plate
License image here.

At least, this experience is everything I imagined that a high-tea buffet would be. Bite-sized delicacies, beautiful and intricate sweets, slightly larger bites to accommodate those who require it, and enough variety to deserve the label of “buffet”. The sushi was probably a mistake though. Upon hindsight, I should have filled myself with less starch and left more room for more desserts which are rarely seen in this part of Asia.

Plate Of Sushi And Salmon Roe Close-upSushi Bites And Salmon Roe
License image here.

The experience was enjoyable, and I made a number of nice images out of it. Although I told the missus that this should be the last time we have a buffet. My natural instinct is to have a bite of everything considering how much this dining experience costs – which is eventually a painful experience for the wallet and personal health. In retrospect of that, a foolish thing to have done! We’ll continue our little culinary adventures in other forms.

Caviar On A PlateCaviar Close-Up
License image here.

– WY

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