2017 Week 25 Gallery 2: The Unusual Flora Selection

Alien bloom (Veronica in bloom)Alient Plant (Shrubby Veronica)
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In which we take a look at some of my more unusual flora images. You require a confident, contrarian attitude to have these displayed in your room. Indeed, third-party feedback for these take positions at opposite sides of the opinion slider, range from “uh… no” to “wow it will be interesting have this as a decorative print”. Without writing too many words, let’s start with pictures straight away. First up at the top, an alien plant.

Actually its called a hebe, or a shrubby veronica. I still remain amazed at how it turned out. Bold experiments can produce surprising results, though we have to experience quite a number of failures first. Next, we have a black-eyed susan. A really bold and loud close-up!

Big, yellow, bold with a black-eye!Black Eyed Susan
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And finally some bold flora abstract. How well do plants and shooting arrows mix? Surprisingly well, it appears.

Shoot out!Flora Shooting Arrows
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Last but not least, let us take a look at the pitcher plant. This silent carnivore lures its prey into its pitcher-shaped left apparatus where it traps its hapless meal and digests it slowly with acidic fluids.

The quiet carnivorePitcher Plant, The Quiet Carnivore
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All flora prints can be purchased here.


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