2017 Week 28 Gallery: A Stop At The Art Science Museum

Singapore 2017: Art Science Museum Window SceneSingapore 2017: Visit With Little Girl At The Art Science Museum

I was almost embarrassed to say that I dropped by the Marina Bay Sands again. Embarrassed because once again, I find myself pressed for places to visit and explore in tiny Singapore. That tends to happen when you have an entire country crammed into 719 square kilometers. Sure there are several alternative destinations other than the usual conventional choices, but those are not necessarily places you feel is worth your time and energy travelling to visit. There are good reasons why those “usual, popular, conventional choices” remain as the usual, popular, conventional choices. 😉 Most of the time, you end up visiting the same handful of places whenever there is an off-day.

Yes, that does not sound encouraging. This probably explains why so many residents here are so obsessed about watching television shows (international streamed content), watching movies, and looking for food in various places. Because unless you have a particularly industrious personality, travelling nearly two hours to-and-fro just to eat some food (which may turn out being merely above average) you read about in the news or social media is an easier leisure activity to take part in. Definitely way easier than more constructive pastimes such as photography. 😛

Singapore 2017: GlitzyUrban LifeSingapore 2017: Glitzy Urban Life
License image here.

The good news this time is that there is a new exhibition showing at the Art Science Museum. Compared to the most famous and best museums in the world, I consider the entry fee overpriced for what it offers. Unless you are starved for experiencing something new (as I was) and happened to have an admission discount (as I did).

Singapore 2017: Art Science MuseumSingapore 2017: Art Science Museum Entrance Sign
License image here.

The exhibition was actually pretty good – with the entry discount. 😀 So I consider it a half-day well-spent with the significant other. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the exhibits on display, as I usually hesitate about making visual displays out of other artists’ artworks. Images with the missus obviously remain private.

Singapore 2017: Art Science Museum Exhibition SpaceSingapore 2017: Art Science Museum Exhibition Space
License image here.

Singapore 2017: Art Science Museum Light And Shadows ExhibitSingapore 2017: Art Science Museum Light And Shadow Exhibit

Choosing Your Baby's SexSingapore 2017: Choosing Your Baby’s Sex
License image here.

Of course you will drop by the Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands. One advantage of visiting on a weekday is the considerably thinner crowd so you can get pictures with less distracting crowds.

Singapore 2017: The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands  Water Fountain FeatureSingapore 2017: The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands Water Fountain Feature
License image here.

On the geek side of things, all images were produced with a Nikon D610, a Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-5.6G and a Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G Micro. The 18-35G again proves to be an invaluable light-weight and affordable do-everything asset for architectural and urban spaces. The only feature I miss is image stabilization. Thankfully the D610’s high ISO performance makes up for it somewhat. I await the successor to the 18-35G with built-in lens stabilization.

Images in this gallery, as well as other images can be licensed from here.


One thought on “2017 Week 28 Gallery: A Stop At The Art Science Museum

  1. Always enjoy your photos and your thoughts. Glad to hear you enjoy the ultrawide Nikon lens. As a Canon user, I drool over the 16-35 stabilized; expensive at $800 used but worth the price. I’ve loved ultrawides since the mid-’90s when I shot with a Nikon F4 and used the 20mm 2.8 all the time. They are just so useful. I’ve always had to shoot in tight spaces – classrooms, small groups. And the ability of the ultrawides to put the main subject in context is just wonderful – e.g., a child reading a book, or interacting with a teacher, and the kids in the background in clear focus or just blurry enough so you can still tell what’s going on. When I shot Nikon mirrorless with a V1 body, the 6.7-13mm stabilized lens was magnificently useful for those kinds of situations. I found shooting with an ultrawide just very engaging and lots of fun.

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