2017 Week 29 Gallery: Updated Flora Gallery

Chrysanthemum fireworksChrysanthemum Fireworks

This update completes my gallery of flora images. This gallery is curated with some third-party input, and consists of images which I feel is print-worthy for display. No weird stuff here that might terrorize guests visiting your place. 😉 First up from above, we have some Chrysanthemum fireworks.

The next image is an impressionist rendering of Chrysanthemums. As far as the spirit of impressionism go, this isn’t meant to be super-sharp. But that is exactly the point. I’ll unabashedly reward my own creative effort by including it in my gallery. 😀

A portrait of floraChrysanthemum Impressionism

Next up we have a close-up of a fir fruit. This actually comes from a dwarf fir. As the name implies, this is a dwarfish cousin of the fir tree. How short is it? It is easily shorter than the average human adult.

Dwarf firDwarf Fir Fruit Close-up

The following image reminds me of a shy tease. The significant other is absolutely adamant that this is beautiful. So here it is in the gallery!

Shy blushing winkShy Blushing Wink

Finally, one of my personal favourites from my early days of photographing flowers. The title describes it: pollen!

Pollen!Red Flower Pollen!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I no longer do flora photography due to the lack of opportunities. Why I managed to do so many of these in my earlier days is a long story. Suffice to say I no longer have the access to interesting flora the way I used to, and no longer own a long focal length macro lens. Perhaps one day I’ll hold a long focal length macro lens in my hands again. Until then… enjoy my past. 🙂 -WY

Prints can be purchased here.

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