2017 Week 31 Gallery: Five More For The Street Photography Gallery

In which I continue to go through my archives and pick out what I feel are worthy entries for my street photography gallery collection. Enjoy!

Cambodian City Village People And ChildrenPhnom Penh 2013: Phnom Penh Town

To be honest, I had seven images for this post originally. But after another round of curation, I dropped the number to five. Curating your own images when you were starting off is a painful process. But after you have built up a large enough collection, it becomes easier to be more critical of your own work and start crossing out pictures that you feel don’t really make the cut.

Cambodia Phnom Penh Village Toddler And VolunteerPhnom Penh 2013: Phnom Penh Village Toddler Steps

This image below is unusual of me, as I always try to avoid getting the subject’s attention. But she looked up the moment I pressed the shutter. I thought it did not look good initially and did not bother to put it online at all. However after reviewing this again, I decided that it just has that “good feel” to it. So in it goes into the gallery.

The Photo BoothSingapore 2014: At The Photo Booth

This following image is an all-time crowd-pleaser. It was shot at 50mm on APS-C at a distance. Proof that you can get good results with medium-telephoto for street photography.

A night at the fancy takeawaySingapore 2012: An Evening At The Fancy Takeaway

I wavered a little with this image, as I thought the saturation was overdone. However I like the expressions of the people in the picture. One thing is certain – Chinatown definitely has a lot of photographic opportunities during festive seasons! Unfortunately, I myself may eventually be losing interest in Chinatown. How many more times can I continue to do this in Chinatown? You will see it pop up a few more times as I upgrade the street photography gallery. Currently I drop by at least once a year during festivities. Maybe I’ll start skipping it for a while and try to redirect my creative energy elsewhere.

That one for my grand kid!Singapore 2013: Buying Lanterns In Chinatown

I am slowly working my way into 2014. Perhaps by the end of the year I will be up-to-date. 😛 -WY

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