2017 Week 31 Gallery 2: 3 More For The Food Collection

Black And White Seseme SeedsBlack And White Seseme Seeds
License image here

Black and white sesame seeds in a black bowl. Condiments for an Asian meal. In this case – Korean. Blue and warm light is reflected within the bowl itself, injecting more aesthetic flavours to the simple black-and-white colour composition.

Healthy Dark Green VegetablesHealthy Dark Green Vegetables
License image here

Here a close-up of dark, leafy, healthy green vegetables. Drops of water and moisture apparent on the texture, promising an honourable destiny as a source of healthy fiber, vitamins and nutrients for whoever consumes it. Picture and words to drive health junkies to ecstatic hallucinations…

Octopus Sushi With MayonnaiseSushi With Octopus And Mayonnaise
License image here

Now here a close up of sushi with a piece of octopus laid over and a touch of mayonnaise dressing. Of all the Asian countries, the Japanese are the ones who have done the most creative things with western food and condiments. And it tastes good too!


All images in this essay are created with the Nikon Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G.

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