2017 Week 32 Gallery: 3 More For The Flora Collection

Remember how I mentioned that I might be done with flora photography unless I have a reason to purchase another long macro lens? Apparently I was wrong, as a sightly different perspective with a short 60mm macro could produce surprising results.

Tiny Green ChrysanthemumsTiny Green Chrysanthemums
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I live in a country where the close integration of flora and human dwellings has been recognized as a key factor of nation building and urban planning. The national tourism board openly advertises the moniker, “garden city”. Now of course we are essentially a tropical country bordering the equator, so the selection of flora is neither as colourful nor as varied as countries with distinctive seasonal climates. However the abundance of tropical trees and plants within the concrete jungles is pretty obvious, so sometimes an eye-catching piece of botany shows up once in a while and is difficult to ignore. The following gem for example, was growing along a factory wall in an industrial park.

Red Floral Abstract On White BackgroundRed Floral Abstract Against White Wall
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From a technical point of view, i may not have been able to create these if I was using a long macro lens. These have the characteristic wider FOV of a shorter focal length and a deeper DOF. I must say that I won’t prefer them otherwise. This certainly throws in a new perspective about flora photography – it may be easier to create more flora images with a longer lens, but using a shorter lens brings us new creative possibilities and different ways of painting our images digitally.

Singapore 2017: Green Buds Along The StreetTiny Buds Among The Greenery
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Next post: A return to street photography, maybe. The gallery of my flora collection is located here. Prints may be purchased here.

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