2017 Week 33 Gallery: 4 For Street Photography

In a hot, sunny tropical afternoon, pedestrians walk beneath the shelter of concrete buildings to find respite from the blazing sun. Amid the shadows cast by the stone roof and pillars, strong rays of bright sunlight finds its way through to create an interplay of light and shadow with a pedestrian. For a brief moment the man steps into the light and turns his face towards it, as if acknowledging the wonder of the natural light among the man-made geometry.

Singapore 2017: Life Among Geometry 2Singapore 2017: Life Among Geometry 2

Another hot afternoon. Tourists and visitors mill around Haji Lane, a little-known tourist attraction. This is a narrow street which has seen numerous independent boutiques, accessory shops, home-décor stores and little pubs spring up. Officially-commissioned wall graffiti adorn the walls around here, adding to and promoting the creative vibe of the merchandise on sale here. People shopping, taking pictures of the wall graffiti, resting in little pubs.

Singapore 2017: Haji LaneSingapore 2017: A Day In Haji Lane

Another hot, sunny afternoon. A number of people find temporary respite beneath the umbrella of an ice-cream vendor.

Singapore 2017: Buying Ice Icream In The Hot AfternoonSingapore 2017: Buying Ice-cream In The Hot Afternoon

An abundant supply of sunlight again, this time in the morning. A sight nestled between buildings adorned with an over-supply of air conditioning equipment and pipes. Not the prettiest sight, but it’s legal as long as the relevant safety ministries approve. It is not the prettiest sight, so these are businesses which know they don’t depend on the appearance of their offices to run successfully.

Singapore 2017: Architectural InstallationsSingapore 2017: Air-Condition Installations Between Buildings


All images in this series were created with a D610, a Nikkor Micro 60mm f/2.8G and a Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G.

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