2017 Week 39: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore 2017: Man Jogging In The Botanic GardensSingapore 2017: Morning Jogging In The Botanic Gardens

I managed to find a little time for this post after a long absence. Apparently, I totally missed out on the news that a new wetlands and accompanying sections were added to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, accompanied by convenient interconnected walkways which give visitors a close look of the new nature attractions.

It is actually done pretty well. All the people who worked to put this together deserve commendations. The Botanic Gardens have always been a good destination for those gasping for some greenery and fresh air in space-starved Singapore, and the new development just makes it a much better place. Shortcomings owing to its geography still apply though. In a tropical country with hot and humid weather, the temperature tends to get increasingly uncomfortable when the clock inches towards 9AM. Early mornings and evening times before nightfall are the recommended times to visit.

Singapore 2017: Botanical Gardens WetlandsSingapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Wetlands 1
License image here

Despite my praises, I still won’t consider this an A-class attraction in Singapore, as I can think of other places which should be higher in your list of places to visit. Visitors from countries with abundant blessings of greenery, forests and landscapes might find the experience average or underwhelming. As a tourist destination, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is best for those who have already visited the more interesting places and now really, really want to be immersed in some tropical greenery conveniently located on the perimeter of the city center.

Singapore 2017: Botanical Gardens Wetlands 2Singapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Wetlands 2
License image here

Oh yes, and it needs to be repeated – early mornings between 7AM to 9AM are the best times to be here. The tropical sun can get brutal very quickly, unless it just rained before dawn and it is still cloudy. Which is where these images came from – notice how cloudy it is and the absence of golden morning light. But then golden light is a rarity in cloudy Singapore anyway.

Singapore 2017: Botanical Gardens Forest PathSingapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Forest Walkway
License image here

Singapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Walkway Over WetlandsSingapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Bridge Over Wetlands
License image here

Singapore 2017: Botanical Gardens Wetlands 3Singapore 2017: Botanic Gardens Wetlands 3
License image here

I have also started to host images on Alamy, and some of the images in this article is available for licensing.


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