2017 Weeek 49: Australia Victoria, Twelve Apostles And A Rainbow

Victoria 2017: Twelve Apostles At The End Of Winter And Stormy Weather 3Victoria 2017: Twelve Apostles At The End Of Winter, Beginning Of Spring
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All things considered, a bunch of rocks standing out in the sea near the coast by themselves isn’t actually very interesting. What actually makes this place worth visiting is everything altogether – the rocks, the wind, the sea, the waves the spray, the rain, the clouds, the sky, the weather, the smell of nature, the sound of the waves and the howling wind, everything. Prima donnas have no place here. Everything comes together to deliver an unforgettable experience. No, simply a bunch of rocks out in the sea is not interesting. But the whole orchestra of nature coming together is very interesting.

Victoria 2017: Rainbow After The RainVictoria 2017: Great Ocean Road, Rainbow After The Rain

The weather of Southern Australia can change dramatically. One side there is sunshine, the other side there could be stormy rain clouds, with rainbows peeking out out the Great Ocean Road as rains start and cease continuously throughout the day. This is not friendly landscape, and food and fresh water is difficult to find. This speaks volumes about the survival skills of the aboriginals.

Whoops only two images in this post. Since I try to filter out repetitive images which more or less show a similar scene. And we are still doing catch-up of our little trip back during the beginning of the Australian spring. Australia should be in the midst of summer by now. Shows how much backlog I have. -WY

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