2017 Week 51. Melbourne, Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul's CathedralMelbourne 2017: Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Yes, there actually is another Saint Paul’s in Melbourne. Built in the neo-gothic architectural style. You have to make a little donation to take pictures. No problem, since I know it is expensive to keep such historic architecture maintained.

Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul's Cathedral 2Melbourne 2017: Sait Paul’s Cathedral 2
License image here

This makes the second time on this little Melbourne trip where I regret that I do not have image stabilization with my ultra-wide zoom. You’ll notice not all images shared here are available on Alamy. That is because the high-ISO quality of some of these low light images do not fit within my comfort level. Ah well. Perhaps time to re-think the lens selection?

Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul's Cathedral 3Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul’s Cathedral 3
License image here

Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul's Cathedral 4Melbourne 2017: Saint Paul’s Cathedral Organ

I’m on a bit of a race against myself, hoping to complete processing the rest of the images I took from my little trip in Melbourne and Victoria before the year ends. I’ll have a few days off to clear leave at the end of this month. Go go go!


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