I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series


I wrote about the various possibilities for what Panasonic’s countdown timer for Photokina 2018 could mean, and I was right. Ah, so good to gloat. This was my prediction:

Possibility 4: They really are doing a new, regular FF ML product line. In which case I say they should get ready for massive failure against the existing competition. Unless like the M43 collaboration with Olympus, this is a new collaboration or partnership with another organization that lends it more momentum and credibility.

Here is the official press release for the Panasonic Lumix S series, and a press release for the L-mount Alliance.


It remains to be seen how successful this new alliance is. But I can make some early predictions.

– Insisting on contrast AF means this system will lag behind all its competitors in AF performance. There are already reviews and comparisons of the Panasonic G9, and we know for a fact that the greatest of Panasonic’s efforts in contrast AF just does not match up to the Phase detect AF competition.

– They are aiming for a solid number 4 position in the FF ML market. And they totally know this.

– Looking at prices from Adorama, the GH5 is 1,700 USD. The GH5s is 2,300 USD. These lenses for the new system don’t look small, and the system does not look cheap. Just like how Panasonic is positioning the GH series as a specialist video tool, the Lumix S looks like it is going to be a specialist system for people looking for superior video capabilities in an FF format.


I am not bullish on the Lumix S as I do not have high demands for video. My primary focus is still imagery, so of course I will put money into Canon or Nikon for my needs. But my needs are not your needs, so if you have needs for high-resolution video in an FF format, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on how the new Lumix S product line will shape up to become.