Photokina 2018 Is Depressing

Troubled Man On Street Bench With Head In Hands2018. Singapore. Troubled man on the street.

There have been many announcements in the past day by the various camera equipment manufacturers. Looking through all of them, I can’t help but feel depressed. It seems that everyone is going to be selling stuff that are too big, too heavy, and too expensive. I not only can’t afford most of this stuff, I don’t want to carry them when I actually want to go out and take some pictures for leisure. And these camera companies are wondering why people don’t want to buy their over-expensive, over-weight, over-sized products and rather use a mobile phone to take pictures. 😐

Looking at the current landscape of camera equipment:

– Full frame, whether DSLR or ML, is big, heavy and expensive.

– M43 is small and compact. But has compromises in ISO performance. The prices of some of the M43 lenses make you pause, especially when you compare against the prices of equivalent Full frame lenses.

– Canon has decisively categorized the EOS-M as an entry-level, consumer-class product line when they revealed that the fastest lens for that system – the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 – does not even have a dust-and-moisture resilient gasket.

– Only Fujifilm is taking the APS-C format seriously. To me, APS-C is the format that keeps an excellent balance between size, weight and performance. However the price of some Fujifilm lenses are on the high side and stepping over into full frame price territory. The operational ergonomics of Fujifilm X cameras are either remarkably chic or woefully inefficient depending on whether you are looking for an aesthetic experience or operational efficiency. In addition, I don’t like X-Trans.

So, pick my poison. 😦