Update: A long haitus and discontinuing my domain

I have been obviously very quiet this year. That is because I now have the additional responsibilities of being a father. 😀 To add to that, my responsibilities as a husband also increased as I spend more time my wife, who understandably needs more support during such an intense turning point of her life. ^^;

In view of the changes in my life, my approach to a hobby has also changed. As much as I enjoy visual art, it is not my livelihood. Regrettably, I make more money not doing photography – now wouldn’t it be nice if I do? Anyway, it is what it is, and perhaps it is for the best. Someone once mentioned to me, “when your hobby becomes your work, you may have to start looking for another hobby.” 

In light of the changes, one of the things I am doing is to discontinue the wypictures.net domain. It will still be around until mid-2019, whereupon it will revert back to wypictures.wordpress.com. Since I am not making business with a hobby website, I have decided to discontinue the domain in favour of spending the money on a few more packs of diapers. 🙂 

Of course not everything is negative. In fact, this period of slowdown saw me re-evaluating what I consider good photographic work. If anything, my standards for good visual art has actually gone up! This doesn’t mean my own skills have improved. On the contrary, my own photographic output probably does not live up to the new standards that I aspire to. However, I feel my assessment and critique of what I would consider good visual work has definitely changed for the better. 

To be clear, this blog is not sinking into oblivion. I will still be making blog posts from time-to-time, but probably with far less frequency than I used to.Hopefully those posts will continue to provide useful insights to the community. 

Now if you will excuse me, the baby is crying for milk. 😛

 – WY

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