Photo Essay: Streets Of Seoul 2016: Between Sinchon And Hongik

(A collection of images I have already posted before into a single coherent photo essay.)

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 7Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 7
Nikon D610, 60mm, f/2.8, 1/400, ISO 100

In Seoul, there is a unique shopping area between two subway stations. The Sinchon station gives access to a number of private universities such as Ewha Women’s University. The Hongik station gives access to Hongdae which is an area around Hongik university. These two subway stations are literally located one-after-the-other on the same subway line. So the area around and between them has developed into a kind of young people’s go-to place. Clubs, cafes, eateries, shops, malls – all stylishly young, trendy and (relatively) affordable (although there is a less approachable Hyndai mall with premium goods and matching price tags around the corner). Continue reading

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 8

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 8Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 8
Nikon D610, 60mm, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 220

And that concludes my wanderings between Sinchon and Hongik earlier this year in April. Yes, my pictures are hopelessly back-dated. I’m working on trying to get images processed and updated ASAP, but I guess being able to shoot so much that I could not keep up with posting is sort of a good thing too. 🙂 – WY