The Meaning Of Art In Photography

“Is photography art? What is art?” To answer these question, look no further than this interview with Joyce Evans. In the first ten minutes of this video, she delivers the most accurate, no-nonsense, non-condescending answer to these questions.

She also delivers some very precious advice about the business of fine-art photography. So check it out!


2017 Week 28 Gallery: A Stop At The Art Science Museum

Singapore 2017: Art Science Museum Window SceneSingapore 2017: Visit With Little Girl At The Art Science Museum

I was almost embarrassed to say that I dropped by the Marina Bay Sands again. Embarrassed because once again, I find myself pressed for places to visit and explore in tiny Singapore. That tends to happen when you have an entire country crammed into 719 square kilometers. Sure there are several alternative destinations other than the usual conventional choices, but those are not necessarily places you feel is worth your time and energy travelling to visit. There are good reasons why those “usual, popular, conventional choices” remain as the usual, popular, conventional choices. πŸ˜‰ Most of the time, you end up visiting the same handful of places whenever there is an off-day. Continue reading “2017 Week 28 Gallery: A Stop At The Art Science Museum”

2017 Week 27: Creating Art From The Ordinary

2017 Still Life: Shining LampUnusual Light
License this image here.

I once heard an interesting concept about food and cooking: Truly great chefs are not those who create unique fine-dining cuisines with expensive and rare ingredients that are only accessible by the rich. Instead, the really great chefs are those who can make normal everyday dishes taste fantastic and rise above its peers. The reason is because it is easy to make something unique look and taste good. But making the ordinary taste amazing? – That’s the true mark of a superior craftsman. In other words, that chef in his fancy restaurant whipping up hundred-dollar fine-dinging dishes is an inferior cook to that guy in a corner store making fantastic burgers that can draw long queues of waiting, salivating customers day-after-day.

Indeed, the same idea might apply to the art of photography. Anyone can make an interesting subject, well, look interesting. πŸ˜‰ But making the ordinary look interesting? Now that’s the real challenge! Continue reading “2017 Week 27: Creating Art From The Ordinary”

2017 Week 14 Gallery: Paris And The Louvre

Paris 2017: In The Louvre Pyramid In WinterParis 2017: The Louvre Pyramid Entrance

Paris was… is not all what mainstream opinion would want you to believe it is. The strongest sentiments come from what I call the “common ladies’ fantasy”. In this version of foreign perception, Paris is a utopic dream destination where all your romantic dreams are fulfilled. Of course the naΓ―ve souls have never visited the place, or just spent a few days visiting as part of a Europe tour.

So after spending almost two weeks in Paris as part of my work, one of my new favourite pastimes now is crushing the shallow Parisian dreams of silly girls. Woo-hoo! Continue reading “2017 Week 14 Gallery: Paris And The Louvre”

Seoul 2016: National Museum Of Contemporary Art – TV Tower

In which we take a peek in the National Museum of Contemporary Art within the Seoul Grand Park. I don’t normally make pictures of other people’s art work, but this must be a signature installation that people of the world hardly know about!

Seoul 2016: National Museum Of Contemporary Art - TV Tower 2Seoul 2016: National Museum Of Contemporary Art – TV Tower 1
Nikon D610, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/40, ISO 400

Seoul 2016: National Museum Of Contemporary Art - TV Tower 3Seoul 2016: National Museum Of Contemporary Art – TV Tower 2
Nikon D610, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/40, ISO 560

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent too little time in the Seoul Grand Park. But I identified this museum as a must-go place and was glad I made this decision. Sure contemporary art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – I’ll be the first to admit that I really dislike most contemporary art produced in recent years. There was stuff that I just passed by with no interest. However, there was also stuff that I found interesting – such as this massive contraption. So do drop by if you ever visit the Seoul Grand Park! – WY