User Review: Custom SLR Glide One Shoulder Strap

It is an oversight of mine that I have not talked about one of my most frequently-used camera gear – my camera shoulder strap. It is really a credit to the Custom SLR Glide One strap system that it is so un-obstructive that I have forgotten that it is there. This is as good a real-world user endorsement as any – it does what it does, gets out of your way so you can do what you do while being barely aware that it is there. A worthy rival to the Black Rapid series of quick-draw shoulder straps. Bravo!

To really describe how the system works, we first have to look at the C-Loop, which forms the main pillar of all of Custom SLR’s products.

Having understood what it is, we can now proceed to take a look at how the Glide One system works. Continue reading “User Review: Custom SLR Glide One Shoulder Strap”