Cambodia Phnom Penh Village Town People And Children

Cambodian City Village People And Children

Cambodia, Phnom Penh: Honestly speaking I’m not sure if this can be considered a town or village. It is an area in the city where a community of people seem to be closely-knit, almost village like. Note the concrete roads. Don’t worry about the children being bare-footed – very young kids just tend to go around that way and the roads look new and solid. Notice the boy is holding a smart phone – probably from an older relative. I’ll say this again – at least from the looks of the Cambodian capital, the economy is in way better shape than a lot of other third-world nations.

Travel tips? Well Phnom Penh is just a financial city. Not much to do in terms of sight-seeing or shopping. Some temples and the genocide museum are here. Most travellers will spend more days in Siem Reap.