I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series


I wrote about the various possibilities for what Panasonic’s countdown timer for Photokina 2018 could mean, and I was right. Ah, so good to gloat. This was my prediction:

Possibility 4: They really are doing a new, regular FF ML product line. In which case I say they should get ready for massive failure against the existing competition. Unless like the M43 collaboration with Olympus, this is a new collaboration or partnership with another organization that lends it more momentum and credibility. Continue reading “I Was Right About Panasonic’s L-Mount Alliance: The Lumix S Series”

Guide And Tips For Nikon Snapbridge

As of today, Snapbridge is Nikon’s solution for transferring images wirelessly from their cameras to a mobile phone. So far, reactions of users are generally average. Main complaints revolve around unreliable connections, and a somewhat unintuitive workflow as well as insufficient documentation.

Screenshot_2018-04-28-10-17-18Snapbridge’s welcome screen

Actually, Snapbridge can work well if you understand the underlying technology and the design approach. Continue reading “Guide And Tips For Nikon Snapbridge”

Nikon’s mirrorless camera: Too late, but Nikon still as a chance

2017 Self Portrait2017: Self-portrait

It is no surprise to everyone that Nikon’s mirrorless strategy is in a shambles. Although the recently released D850 is getting rave reviews and in high demand, there is no doubt among observers that this camera could well be the DSLR’s last great hurrah. There will definitely continue to be DSLRs after the D850 for users who insist on using them – even Nikon did not kill film cameras immediately when digital cameras usurped film cameras in popularity. But I sense we have reached a turning point. Continue reading “Nikon’s mirrorless camera: Too late, but Nikon still as a chance”

Do You Need Full-Frame?

I have been slow in updating this site recently, as I have been busy going through a lot of stock and private images. My family prefer not to have their images shared in public 😛 , and stock photographs being what they are – look extremely boring. 😛 😛

Fortunately, there is still something constructive I can share in writing during this lull.

I wish to talk about whether one really needs a full-frame (abbreviated FF) camera. FF has been perceived as the ultimate medium for image quality as long as we do not cross over to the pro-level medium-format and its eye-watering price tags. The best medium one can buy within the boundaries of (relative) affordability. However, does one really need it? Continue reading “Do You Need Full-Frame?”

Photo Album 2016 Week 3: Street Photography

Every genre of photography has its own set of challenges. In street photography, the challenge is that although you can go out fully prepared, you could still return with no image worth capturing. It is really all down to a matter of chance, whether anything remotely interesting happens around where you go.

Sometimes, after a long while, a chance does occur.

Taking Pictures Above The CrowdTaking Pictures Above The Crowd
Nikon D610, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/250, ISO 1000

Photo Album Week 40-2: Street Candids

Young Man Waiting In The Hair Saloon

Young Man Waiting At The Hair SaloonNikon D610, 28mm, f/5.6, 1/200, ISO 1400

I’ll have to admit that he has great hair. Wonderful PR for the saloon!

Continue reading “Photo Album Week 40-2: Street Candids”

How Many Megapixels Are Enough? A Look At 24 MP

I recall that less than a decade ago, a DSLR with 12 megapixels of resolution was regarded as an object of wonder. Today the highest megapixel resolution on a 35mm body has reached a staggering 50+ megapixels. Like a cult of lemmings, photography gear-geeks are already positioning the new number as the new objective their next camera should attain to, or overcome. Continue reading “How Many Megapixels Are Enough? A Look At 24 MP”

Public Surveillance Camera: Big Brother Is Watching

Public Surveillance Camera

Singapore: It’s not such that much of a big deal as leftist alarmists like to claim. These are deployed all over the island. The advantage is that anyone who commits a crime caught on camera need to leave the country in less than 24 hours or there is over 90% chance that they will get caught. There is a little advantage here for photographers – it is not an offence to record footage or images in public, since it is technically not an offence for the security authorities to do so. As far as the written law is concerned, private property, military sites and obscenity is off limits, but nearly everything else that appears in public is acceptable.