An Objective Analysis of Nikon’s Restructuring Announcement (8 Nov 2016)

When Nikon announced a massive restructuring plan including planned layoffs, haters rejoiced, online critics wrapped themselves with self-righteous correctness, arm-chair experts sprouted more nonsense, and more than a few Nikon users got a little nervous.

As usual all information is publicly available in Nikon’s corporate releases. They are actually surprisingly transparent considering the supposed gravity of the situation. Warren Buffet supposedly made his billions because he learned how to read the financial reports of the companies he wanted to invest in. So the astute investigator would have saved himself quite a bit of confusion. In fact, Nikon’s share price rose after the announcement, so reality could indeed be different from what netizens on photography forums perceive it to be. 😛 Continue reading “An Objective Analysis of Nikon’s Restructuring Announcement (8 Nov 2016)”

2016 Week 44: Singapore Street Photography (Gallery)

Singapore 2016: Tired Lady Snoozing In CafeSingapore 2016: Tired Lady Snoozing In Cafe
Nikon D610, 28mm, f/1.8, 1/60, ISO 125

Street photography can be either easy or extremely difficult, depending on what you your expectations are. There are of many forms and aspects to street photography. Here I want to speak briefly on an aspect of comparison that are polar opposites to one another. Continue reading “2016 Week 44: Singapore Street Photography (Gallery)”

The Nintendo Switch – What Every Camera Company Should Learn From Awesome Nintendo

This post seems unusual and out-of-place for a blog which focuses on photography. But trust me there is a link in this article. We wish that the Japanese camera manufacturers would be more like Nintendo!

Nintendo has just revealed their new generation game console. If a picture says a thousand words, moving pictures probably say many more. So feast your eyes on Nintendo’s genius:

I have never owned a Nintendo console in recent years – my only experience with Nintendo is limited to their “Game & Watch” portable gaming gadgets in the 80s. Though I was (yeah, “was”) a Sony Playstation gamer, I held huge respect for Sony’s rival. The Nintendo Switch just reminded me of all the things that made this Japanese company so amazing. Let’s go down the list. Continue reading “The Nintendo Switch – What Every Camera Company Should Learn From Awesome Nintendo”

The Latest MILCs – Slim, Attractive, Futuristic and Uncomfortable To Use

According to internet hype and opinion, the latest MILCs are absolutely squeezing Canikon with their latest slim, sexy and futuristic cameras. Of course, according to that even higher authority named Cosmic Reality, solely trusting opinions and statements on the internet could well lead to major regret. MILCs may be the future of cameras, but are their current forms truly uncompromisingly superior with little shortcomings? Continue reading “The Latest MILCs – Slim, Attractive, Futuristic and Uncomfortable To Use”

Nikon Update September 2016: Message From The President

Nikon released a message from president Kazuo Ushida on 23 September. The message in its entirety is reproduced as follows:

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2017, we are truly grateful for your continuous support and guidance. Since the company was established in 1917, Nikon has cultivated its status as a pioneer of optical technologies. Guided by our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity,” we have continued to challenge ourselves to provide a wide range of products and services globally by harnessing our advanced technologies, the core of which encompasses opto-electronics and precision technologies. Continue reading “Nikon Update September 2016: Message From The President”

Nikon’s Acquisition of Mark Roberts Motion Control

There is a part of Nikon’s Photokina 2016 presentation that has been ignored by every mainstream photography news site and blogger I can think of. Nikon had announced that they have agreed to acquire all of the shares of Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited, a manufacturer of robotic motion control solutions. No one really offered up any more commentary and analysis about it.

Well, mainstream media is mainstream media. Questions about the non-obvious don’t usually get asked. 😛

To quote from Nikon’s acquisition statement: Continue reading “Nikon’s Acquisition of Mark Roberts Motion Control”

Photokina 2016: Canon, Nikon, Sony – We All Didn’t Get What We Hoped

It’s kind of funny how Photokina 2016 turned out. The current big three of Japanese camera makers – Canon, Nikon, Sony (although Sony is in a distant 3rd place) turned up, but their loyal customers didn’t get exactly what they hoped for.

Continue reading “Photokina 2016: Canon, Nikon, Sony – We All Didn’t Get What We Hoped”

The Nikon 2016 Report – A Peek At Nikon’s Future And Roadmap

Something funny happened over the weekend. I read Nikon’s 2016 Report for the financial year ended March 2016, and it was honestly one of the most entertaining piece of material I read this year. It was entertaining not because it was funny or because I am sarcastic, but because there is a refreshing level of honesty addressing the company’s troubling business situation and challenging outlook. There is also a good amount of interesting information regarding Nikon’s strategies for the future, so that just made the report more fun to read. If you are interested, you can grab a copy here. Continue reading “The Nikon 2016 Report – A Peek At Nikon’s Future And Roadmap”

Choosing Lenses: Zoom Lens Or Prime Lens?

As a photographer progresses from being a simple beginner to becoming an enthusiast, questions of choosing which lenses to add to their arsenal eventually arises. Every photographer eventually asks this question multiple times in a life-long pursuit and maintenance of photography equipment: “Prime lens or zoom lens?”

Like most people, I started out in photography with a trusty 18-55mm zoom kit lens. Then I got a 55-300mm zoom lens to cover the telephoto range. Then I started browsing photography forums and learned about the alleged higher performance of fixed-focal-length prime lenses. After a year or two, I started switching to prime lenses for their higher performance and compact nature. In fact, there was a good full year where every lens in my camera bag was a prime. Then I got a zoom lens again, and as of the date of this article my lens collection consists of one zoom lens and two prime lenses.

Now having stood on both sides of the fence with regards to the zoom versus prime debate, I believe I can provide an unbiased opinion on this matter. I am not interested in some kind of theological or philosophical correctness, but rather in sharing advice with others who may be pondering this matter, so everyone can be well-informed and can make their purchase investments wisely.
Continue reading “Choosing Lenses: Zoom Lens Or Prime Lens?”