Singapore 2017 Week 18 Gallery

A random gallery collection of various genres including still life, street photography and architecture. Nikon D610 was the camera used. Most images were shot with the Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G Micro, and one with the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G. Have fun!

Small Plastic White Flowers Interior DecorationFloral Interior Decoration Still Life

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Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Tower (Gallery)

Tokyo 2016: Life Among Geometry, Under Tokyo TowerTokyo 2016: Romance Under Tokyo Tower
Nikon D610, 24mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 1100

Once upon a time, the Tokyo Tower was the main “tall structure you gotta see” when you visit Tokyo. It was built as a broadcasting tower and became the tallest free-standing tower in 1958, surpassing the Eiffel Tower in height. Of course 1958 was a long time ago and many more high-rise buildings have sprung up, challenging the broadcasting effectiveness of Tokyo Tower. Continue reading “Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Tower (Gallery)”

Streets of Seoul 2016: Shopping Couple In Sinchon

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Shopping Couple In SinchonStreets of Seoul 2016: Shopping Couple In Sinchon
Nikon D610, 60mm, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 100

A defining characteristic of these streets is probably the messy power lines overhead. Among the alleys, narrow roads, shopping and shops, they really add a lot of character to the place. – WY

Photo Album Week 20: Myeongdong Selfie And Cafe

In which we look at Selfies in Myeongdong and a moment in a café.

Streets Of Myeong-Dong 2016: The Green Wall And Couple SelfieStreets Of Myeongdong 2016: Couple Selfie With The Green Wall
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/250, ISO 640

There are many skin-care shops in Myeongdong. This attractive wall of greenery is of course the facade for one such store. An unexpectedly popular attraction for photographs and selfies.

Streets Of Myeongdong 2016: Inside A Cafe Looking Out To The Flashy StreetStreets Of Myeongdong 2016: Time Inside A Café
Nikon D610, 60mm, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 100

Coffee culture is very strong in Seoul. Or perhaps “cafe culture” is a more accurate description. 😉 There is no lack of atmospheric cafes and dessert shops for people to lounge in, drink stuff, munch stuff, do stuff, and look cool doing all that. In the streets of Myeongdong, such cafes abound everywhere. Hippies rejoice!

More to come – WY

Photo Album 2016 Week 19: Streets Of Myeongdong 2016 (1)

Streets Of Myeong-Dong 2016: Couple Enjoying The StreetsStreets Of Myeongdong 2016: Couple Enjoying The Streets
Nikon D610, 27mm, f/8, 1/160, ISO 100

I last visited Seoul in 2014. I was back again this year from mid-to-late April on a holiday. You would expect that things would not change much within two years. However, I was mistaken. To summarize, two years ago I thought Seoul was an impressive modern city – colourful, advanced, luxurious and extravagant (when you want to find it), rich with a unique blend of east-west ambiance, lots of shopping, all that good stuff.

I could not expect that within a space of only two years, all these things could get even more intense! More advanced, more colourful, more shopping, more luxurious and extravagant, more impressive, wow! Continue reading “Photo Album 2016 Week 19: Streets Of Myeongdong 2016 (1)”