2018 Week 7. One From Stockholm.

2018 Stockholm: Winter Morning Commute In The Snow2018 Stockholm: Cyclist In Winter Morning

You would have thought that with a flight that lasts more than 16 hours, I would have gotten more pictures from Sweden. But I was here for work, not leisure. I also needed to leave as early as possible. Suffice to say I had very little leisure time, but did manage to snag one nice little photographic souvenir from this place. Certainly one of my most satisfying image.


The Best Focal Length For Street Photography

Quiet Foggy Urban CitySingapore 2013: Quiet Foggy City Afternoon

It’s about time I start updating my gallery of street photography images. Digging through my archives, it is interesting to see how my shooting style has changed over the years. I also realize that my own opinions about what makes a street photography image good has also changed over the years as I gained more exposure and experience. Some images which I thought were unique and gained a lot of “likes” now look cliché and boring to me. I also noticed that my images actually had more variety back when I was still using a kit zoom lens. My technique may have improved today, but I seem to have less compositional and subject diversity than I used to get compared to when I was using a zoom lens. Time to rethink what is really the best focal length for street photography? Continue reading “The Best Focal Length For Street Photography”

Concrete Jungle: Cyclist Among Urban Vegetation

Concrete Jungle: Cyclist Among Urban VegetationNikon D610, 90mm, f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 100

Singapore: The early funding leaders chose to create the concept of a “garden city”, planting lots of trees and vegetation throughout the country. A veritable concrete jungle – tropical trees and plants amongst dwellings of stone.

Cyclist In Urban Night

Night Lights And A Cyclist On The Way Home

Singapore: One common comment I have heard from visitors to this country is how brightly lit this place is at night – not just the main city and shopping districts – but also residential towns and suburbs. I first reaction used to be “well it’s a small country to light up”. However a brightly-lit country really does contribute a lot to security and policing. Whoever was the person among the nations’s founding fathers that came to this realization and pushed for its implementation – that was a stroke of pragmatic genius. Definitely a tip that any country could adopt for its own.