The Best Focal Length For Street Photography

Quiet Foggy Urban CitySingapore 2013: Quiet Foggy City Afternoon

It’s about time I start updating my gallery of street photography images. Digging through my archives, it is interesting to see how my shooting style has changed over the years. I also realize that my own opinions about what makes a street photography image good has also changed over the years as I gained more exposure and experience. Some images which I thought were unique and gained a lot of “likes” now look cliché and boring to me. I also noticed that my images actually had more variety back when I was still using a kit zoom lens. My technique may have improved today, but I seem to have less compositional and subject diversity than I used to get compared to when I was using a zoom lens. Time to rethink what is really the best focal length for street photography? Continue reading

Cyclist In Urban Night

Night Lights And A Cyclist On The Way Home

Singapore: One common comment I have heard from visitors to this country is how brightly lit this place is at night – not just the main city and shopping districts – but also residential towns and suburbs. I first reaction used to be “well it’s a small country to light up”. However a brightly-lit country really does contribute a lot to security and policing. Whoever was the person among the nations’s founding fathers that came to this realization and pushed for its implementation – that was a stroke of pragmatic genius. Definitely a tip that any country could adopt for its own.