The Fall Of Asahi Pentax And How It Relates To Nikon

In 1919, Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. was founded and started manufacturing lenses for eyeglasses. They eventually progressed to manufacturing projection lenses, binoculars and camera lenses. In 1952, they released the first domestically manufactured SLR camera – the Asahiflex. In 1957 the Asahi Optical Company acquired the name “Pentax”. Since then “Asahi Optical” and “Asahi Pentax” became world-renowned names in photography. They were bigger than Canon and Nikon put together.
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Photo Album Week 45: Street Photography

In which we look at a ferris wheel, a pier by the sea and an ice skating rink.

Towards The Singapore Flyer In Gloomy Weather

Ferris Wheel In Gloomy WeatherNikon D610, 28mm, f/8, 1/400, ISO 100

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