2017 Week 25 Gallery 2: A Glimpse Of Fast Food

Golden French Fries Close-upGolden Fries
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Not all fast food is junk food. But not all fast food is exactly bursting with vitamins, fiber and nutrition either. It is still nice to grab a bite of fast food for its convenience, or just for the sake of temporary indulgence. Still, as this is a public blog I have to do the responsible thing and publicly advise people against indulging in too much fast food. I knew a young boy who spent his early life in the comforts of fast food fries, burgers and milkshakes. Watching him, I came to the conclusion that not all obesity is the result of genes – a large part of it is attributed to early childhood eating habits. Watch your children’s eating habits until they are old enough when they start panicking about how they need to look good to attract the opposite sex. 😉 Continue reading “2017 Week 25 Gallery 2: A Glimpse Of Fast Food”

Samcheongdong 2016: We Are Young

The elderly of South Korea is quite a resilient bunch. If we pause to reflect on their history, many of them lived through the Korean War. After that, they went through the aftermath of the war, then went through the rebuilding of a country in devastation into an economic and cultural power.

Streets Of Bukchon: Energetic And Healthy Old Ladies!Samcheongdong 2016: We Are Young
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/125

In another words, an South Korean elderly you encounter may be from the country’s “Greatest Generation”. These are survivors and fighters. They fought for their lives in the war. Then they fought for survival after the war. Then they fought to make their nation prosper and a global success. Their bodies may be old today, but their spirits remain young. Instead of surrendering to the usual idle comforts associated with old age, I see many old folks taking long walks and even hiking in groups. See the little old lady with the walking stick? She was on a little excursion with her friends in Samcheongdong. Have you seen a bent-over little old lady on a walking stick shuffling so quickly she keeps up with everyone? And she has no problem with it!

Samcheongdong is a place of museums, famous palaces, cafes, eateries, small accessory shops, little boutiques, and the famous Bukchon Hanok village. A big tourist magnet and a wonderful place for the locals as well. Unfortunately, I have a lot of discarded images because of tourists in the frame. Of course I could have raced here early in the morning to get images with less distractions. However the wife vehemently disagrees to early morning calls during a vacation. ;P – WY