2017 Week 33 Gallery: 4 For Street Photography

In a hot, sunny tropical afternoon, pedestrians walk beneath the shelter of concrete buildings to find respite from the blazing sun. Amid the shadows cast by the stone roof and pillars, strong rays of bright sunlight finds its way through to create an interplay of light and shadow with a pedestrian. For a brief moment the man steps into the light and turns his face towards it, as if acknowledging the wonder of the natural light among the man-made geometry.

Singapore 2017: Life Among Geometry 2Singapore 2017: Life Among Geometry 2

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2015 Photo Album Week 52-2: Street Photography

Ice-cream Seller And The Boy

Ice-cream Seller And The BoyNikon D610, 85mm, f/2.8, 1/250, ISO 3200

Orchard Road, Singapore: On the street of a prime shopping district, street vendors ply their trade into the night.

Boy Playing With Mobile Phone In Library

Boy Playing With Mobile Phone In LibraryNikon D610, 18mm, f/11, 1/40, ISO 3200

Orchard Library, Singapore: Among the shelves of books, a boy is oblivious to the volumes of knowledge around him and focuses on his mobile phone game. Ah well, kids.