2017 Week 24: Singapore War Memorial Park, Random Reflections Of The Occupation

Singapore 2017: Second World War Memorial ParkSingapore 2017: The War Memorial, A Flower For The Lost
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Singapore went through a Japanese occupation during the world war 2. The island has had an overwhelmingly Chinese-majority population which lent their brethren in mainland China a lot of money and support in their fight against Japan. So when Singapore finally fell to the Japanese, the revenge of the occupiers was brutal. Continue reading “2017 Week 24: Singapore War Memorial Park, Random Reflections Of The Occupation”

Tokyo 2016:¬†Streets Of Akihabara And A Glimpse Of Haneda (Gallery)

Tokyo 2016: Streets of Akihabara 2Tokyo 2016: Street of Akibahara 1
Nikon D610, 26mm, f/8, 1/200, ISO 100

I have a personal theory that visitors to Akihabara would react in five different ways. They are:

1. The locals
We’ve gotten used to the craziness.

2. The nerd
This is awesome and I’m in paradise.

3. The confused
I don’t know what’s going on. Please get me out of here.

4. The traumatized
My brain has shut down as a form of protection from information and emotional overload. Continue reading “Tokyo 2016:¬†Streets Of Akihabara And A Glimpse Of Haneda (Gallery)”

Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Tower (Gallery)

Tokyo 2016: Life Among Geometry, Under Tokyo TowerTokyo 2016: Romance Under Tokyo Tower
Nikon D610, 24mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 1100

Once upon a time, the Tokyo Tower was the main “tall structure you gotta see” when you visit Tokyo. It was built as a broadcasting tower and became the tallest free-standing tower in 1958, surpassing the Eiffel Tower in height. Of course 1958 was a long time ago and many more high-rise buildings have sprung up, challenging the broadcasting effectiveness of Tokyo Tower. Continue reading “Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Tower (Gallery)”

Tokyo 2016: Hotel Villa Fontaine Tamachi (Gallery)

Tokyo 2016: Hotel Villa Fontaine 3Tokyo 2016: Hotel Villa Fontaine Tamachi 1
Nikon D610, 22mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 500

The Hotel Villa Fontaine group of hotels in Tokyo are very suitable for business and no-frills travelers. It is comfortable and all the basic necessities are provided. Perfect for travelers who do not require superfluous luxuries and just need a good location and a place to spend the night. Continue reading “Tokyo 2016: Hotel Villa Fontaine Tamachi (Gallery)”

Tokyo 2016: Life Among Geometry

Tokyo 2016: Life Among GeometryTokyo 2016: Life Among Geometry
Nikon D610, 18mm, f/7.1, 1/250, ISO 1800

Yes, I know I have not been updating this blog as much I would like. I have been busy, and also contemplating a website re-design.

It’s a very interesting time as a Nikon user. They have not made any announcements prior to Photokina 2016 as I expected – which means any announcements are likely to be made next Monday in the pre-Photokina conference. This is highly irregular, as Japanese companies usually make announcements ahead of time to get the press interested so they can get good coverage even before the event starts. Continue reading “Tokyo 2016: Life Among Geometry”

Tokyo 2016: Street Of Asakusa

Tokyo 2016: Street Of AsakusaTokyo 2016: Street Of Asakusa
Nikon D610, 24mm, f/5.6, 1/500, ISO 100

The business vendors I spoke to all recommended I drop by for a brief visit before catching the plane back. So I did a brief stop for an hour – and I was not disappointed. You can find shopping and souvenirs in other places, but Asakusa offers something unique. It’s the “if you only had an hour to spend in Tokyo and want a Japanese experience” place to go. Sure, I am not really into the temples and stuff, but there are other interesting stuff here to look at. Some of my images are now in a stock library so I’m only sharing this image. But do pay this place a visit! – WY

Tokyo 2016: Street Of Asakusa – Rickshaw Puller

Tokyo 2016: Street Of Asakusa - Rickshaw PullerTokyo 2016: Street Of Asakusa – Rickshaw Puller
Nikon D610, 27mm, f/8, 1/250, ISO 100

It is pretty much a tourist thing only. Interestingly, Japanese travelers join in the fun too. Tokyo really isn’t totally representative of the whole of Japan, and I ran across some who are visiting from other areas. I just heard a story of an old lady from Tokyo who has never taken a plane in her life, and just had a first-time visit to Okinawa. Guess there are many facades of the world that are unknown to us urbanites. – WY

Nikkor Promotional Videos By NikonImagingJapan

The camera manufacturers continue to produce some extremely cringe-worthy advertisements for their products that scream, “Let me tell you about all these awesome things from the marketing brochures in this made-up narrative! You need to have this!”. For example, look at Nikon’s “Mongolia” and “Bali” promotional videos. These are so hackneyed, un-subtle and condescending they border on being insulting with their “buy these to become a cool world-traveler” undertones. For the sake of good taste I won’t link to those here – but if you want to engage in psychological self-abuse, you can search for those on Youtube. Just don’t blame me for any trauma. Continue reading “Nikkor Promotional Videos By NikonImagingJapan”