Google Nik Collection Now Totally 100% Free

In case you did not get the news yet, the Google Nik Collection is now absolutely free for download and use, no strings attached.

Yes the “totally 100%” in the title is unnecessary and grammatically repetitive – but I’m using that just to emphasize how real this is.

I’m still in the process of moving and bringing up my new PC online, so it will be quite a while before I start posting regularly.

Get the download here.

Nikon’s Capture NX suffered greatly feature-wise when Google bought over Nik Software and Nikon was no longer able to license the Nik plugins. Hence we have the current horribly feature-reduced Capture NX-D today. The only reason why anyone still uses Capture NX now is when the RAW converters from Adobe and Phase One can’t interpret a Nikon NEF optimally. Or if getting the best image quality from a NEF is most important to you and you have time for a somewhat more troublesome workflow. Now that Google is allowing free downloads of the Nik Collection, the whole situation just feels ironic and surreal. Note that Google is only giving the software away for free, not giving away the licensing rights or technology know-hows. So no, Nikon still can’t put Nik technology back into Capture NX. So now you can appreciate how ironic this is, and how bitter Nikon might feel about this whole situation. 😛

Granted, the Nik Collection has not undergone a lot of updates in recent years, and it will not be surprising if further development has ceased. However it is still very good software that deserves a look by everyone. So hit the link and give the software a try.