The Best Focal Length For Street Photography

Quiet Foggy Urban CitySingapore 2013: Quiet Foggy City Afternoon

It’s about time I start updating my gallery of street photography images. Digging through my archives, it is interesting to see how my shooting style has changed over the years. I also realize that my own opinions about what makes a street photography image good has also changed over the years as I gained more exposure and experience. Some images which I thought were unique and gained a lot of “likes” now look clichĂ© and boring to me. I also noticed that my images actually had more variety back when I was still using a kit zoom lens. My technique may have improved today, but I seem to have less compositional and subject diversity than I used to get compared to when I was using a zoom lens. Time to rethink what is really the best focal length for street photography? Continue reading

Reading In The Peace And Quiet

Reading In The Peace And QuietReading In The Deserted Museum
Nikon D610, f/8, 1/40, ISO 800

In a little empty visitors’ centre-cum-museum on Seonyudo Island, a young man sits on a bench reading, enjoying all the peace and quiet one could ask for.

This was from Seonyudo Island. As the weather was poor, very little usable images came out of the trip.

Photo Album 2016 Day #143: Streets Of Myeondong, An Arty Shopping Mall

Right I am changing the title format of my photo posts from “week” to “day”. Makes the titles shorter and less convoluted. 😛

Streets Of Myeong-Dong 2016: The Quiet AlleyStreets Of Myeongdong 2016: A Quiet Alley
Nikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/250, ISO 200

Despite the flashy hustle and bustle of Myeongdong, there are bound to be quiet alleys behind the usual busy streets. Continue reading

Photo Album Week 44-3: Street Photography

In which we look at an art installation, a train cabin, and someone using a handphone.

Art Installation: Eyeing The Eyes On The Wall

Lady In Underground Looking At Art Display Giant EyesNikon D610, 35mm, f/8, 1/40, ISO 720

Esplanade underground corridor, Singapore: This underground corridor has been turned into a public art exhibit area Continue reading

Mall Shop Opening In The Morning

Shops Opening In The Morning

Orchard Central, Singapore: I honestly admire the experimental design of this mall. It’s really interesting and exciting to explore. The main problem is that what is interesting for an urban explorer does not mean it is easy for shoppers to navigate. As a result this place is really too quiet, and many retail shops have come and gone. Actually no major retailer wants to have a store here. Today the main tenants are F&B, beauty parlours, saloons, private schools, etc. – mainly businesses that rely more on word-of-mouth than a strong store-front presence for advertising.