How Much Resolution Is Enough For Photographs In A Blog Or Website?

I have been constantly revising the resolution of the images I post online. Is 1080px too large and subject your pictures to increased risks of illegal appropriation and misuse? Is 480px too small to make an impression on your audience? Is there an optimal size for all use cases?

To begin, we have to talk about the issue of browser scaling. If a picture does not fit into the content column of your blog, the internet browser is going to scale it down. Browser scaling automatically makes your pictures ugly.
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How Many Megapixels Are Enough? A Look At 24 MP

I recall that less than a decade ago, a DSLR with 12 megapixels of resolution was regarded as an object of wonder. Today the highest megapixel resolution on a 35mm body has reached a staggering 50+ megapixels. Like a cult of lemmings, photography gear-geeks are already positioning the new number as the new objective their next camera should attain to, or overcome. Continue reading “How Many Megapixels Are Enough? A Look At 24 MP”

Why Your Images Appear “Blurred” On The Web

You just created a nice image. A good amount of effort was put in during its creation and post-processing and now it looks really good on your computer display. Satisfied with the results, you upload it to the web for sharing with your friends and followers. However, something appears to have gone wrong. On selected websites the image is not as sharply rendered as it is on your computer. It effectively looks blurry in comparison,and the resolution seems to have fallen. What went wrong?
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