Singapore 2017: Week 2 – Bugis Street

The term “Bugis street” is misleading. It really isn’t a street any more. The original Bugis Street had some un-savoury history behind it. It was a place of bars, pubs, foreign sailors, other assorted foreigners with specific sexual preferences, and groups of transvestites who provided services to them… Indeed, the whole affair with the transvestites was really Bugis Street’s claim to fame, or notoriety.

The Bugis Street of today sits across the road from where it used to be. The old location has become part of a large shopping mall and a reputable (and expensive!) high-class hotel. The new Bugis Street is a low-priced bazaar-style shopping mall selling cheap clothes, gifts, accessories and tourist souvenirs.

Singapore 2016: Bugis Street Bazaar - The I Love Singapore ShopSingapore 2016: Bugis Street – The Tourist Souvenir Shop

Now to answer an important question – is it worth visiting? Continue reading

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 1

Streets Of Seoul 2016: Hongik And Sinchon 1Streets Of Seoul 2016: Sinchon And Hongik 1
Nikon D610, 60mm, f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 100

We are going to spend the next couple of days with images from the region of Sinchon and Hongik. Located near universities and schools, this region is filled with budget-friendly eateries and shops that are attractive to young people. Of course there is also an up-market mall full of branded and premium merchandise for shoppers with more spending power. Common folk like me prefer to stick to the shops in the streets though. 🙂 – WY