What Is Panasonic Planning For Photokina 2018?

Panasonic lumix countdown

The rumour mill has been going very strong for a while for Panasonic this past month. They have a countdown timer for Photokina 2018, and it is a really, really long countdown timer. In fact, it is about the same length as Nikon’s countdown timer for their new product line of Z cameras – nearly a month! One would think that if you have such a long timer you would have something really interesting to announce. Indeed, rumours suggest that Panasonic is going to release a new camera line with a mount size larger than micro-four-thirds. Of course, rumours are rumours. But sometimes there is no smoke without fire, and the timer is truly a long one. So let us try to make some intelligent deductions and manage our expectations. Continue reading “What Is Panasonic Planning For Photokina 2018?”

What To Expect From Nikon In 2016

I belong in the group that believes photography equipment get better year-after-year naturally, and we have already reached a point where it is getting hard, even downright irresponsible to blame available modern equipment for not being able to produce good images. Even though I pay attention to new photography equipment news, I make an effort not to get overly excited since I know it won’t help me make better images. After all, Apple ran a marketing campaign with billboard-sized images shot on iPhones, so what is my excuse? Continue reading “What To Expect From Nikon In 2016”