2017 Weeek 49: Australia Victoria, Twelve Apostles And A Rainbow

Victoria 2017: Twelve Apostles At The End Of Winter And Stormy Weather 3Victoria 2017: Twelve Apostles At The End Of Winter, Beginning Of Spring
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All things considered, a bunch of rocks standing out in the sea near the coast by themselves isn’t actually very interesting. What actually makes this place worth visiting is everything altogether – the rocks, the wind, the sea, the waves the spray, the rain, the clouds, the sky, the weather, the smell of nature, the sound of the waves and the howling wind, everything. Prima donnas have no place here. Everything comes together to deliver an unforgettable experience. No, simply a bunch of rocks out in the sea is not interesting. But the whole orchestra of nature coming together is very interesting. Continue reading “2017 Weeek 49: Australia Victoria, Twelve Apostles And A Rainbow”

WPC: Serene

In response to WPC: Serene

Melbourne 2017:  Beach On A Cloudy DayVictoria 2017: A Quiet Morning At The Beach

On the southern coast of Australia, in the state of Victoria near Melbourne. The beach. The sea. The waves. The wind. The chill. The end of winter. The start of spring. One of those times in life when you just want to slow down, freeze, relax and bask in the wonder of the moment.


Photo Album Week 45: Street Photography

In which we look at a ferris wheel, a pier by the sea and an ice skating rink.

Towards The Singapore Flyer In Gloomy Weather

Ferris Wheel In Gloomy WeatherNikon D610, 28mm, f/8, 1/400, ISO 100

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Sea Of Difference – Foreigners As Workers And Tourists

Sea of difference
Singapore: A foreigner worker working on a temporary jetty climbs onto the wall of the work-in-progress. Opposite him, other foreigners Рhere as tourists Рmill about a tourist space. All foreigners in this country, but in quite different situations.