Guide And Tips For Nikon Snapbridge

As of today, Snapbridge is Nikon’s solution for transferring images wirelessly from their cameras to a mobile phone. So far, reactions of users are generally average. Main complaints revolve around unreliable connections, and a somewhat unintuitive workflow as well as insufficient documentation.

Screenshot_2018-04-28-10-17-18Snapbridge’s welcome screen

Actually, Snapbridge can work well if you understand the underlying technology and the design approach. Continue reading “Guide And Tips For Nikon Snapbridge”

500px Still Needs To Fix Their Grid View (2016)

Amazingly, there really are several things that Flickr still does better than 500px even in 2016. Nevermind what the un-thinking,  un-discerning masses buoyed by popular fad think. :p

For a long time, many users were asking 500px to display images in their original proportions instead of forcing users to specify a square crop from their images. We finally got it in 2016! Unfortunately, the images displayed in grid view are all blurry. Continue reading “500px Still Needs To Fix Their Grid View (2016)”