2017 Week 24 Gallery: Good Street Photography Is Hard

Singapore 2017: Window Cleaners Working On A HotelSingapore 2017: Window Cleaners Working On A Hotel

The original title of this essay was “Street Photography Is Hard”. After a bit of thinking, I had to append “Good” to the beginning of the title. After all, it has been several weeks since I posted any street photography related content. That is because it was so difficult to find street photographs I took which I feel is decent enough to share. Continue reading

2017 Week 24: Singapore War Memorial Park, Random Reflections Of The Occupation

Singapore 2017: Second World War Memorial ParkSingapore 2017: The War Memorial, A Flower For The Lost
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Singapore went through a Japanese occupation during the world war 2. The island has had an overwhelmingly Chinese-majority population which lent their brethren in mainland China a lot of money and support in their fight against Japan. So when Singapore finally fell to the Japanese, the revenge of the occupiers was brutal. Continue reading

2017 Week 23: Friendships Of Singapore’s Foreign Domestic Helpers

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend.

Friends Hugging And Putting On A NecklaceSingapore 2015: Foreign Domestic Helpers Meeting And Fellowship On Day-Off

Singapore has a lot of foreign domestic helpers from other parts of South East Asia. Most of them hail from Philippines and Indonesia, though a smaller number also come from Vietnam and Myanmar. They are usually referred to as “maids”. among the populace. Those who consciously wish to regard them with more respect and appreciation prefer to call them “helpers”. Continue reading

Singapore 2017 Week 18 Gallery

A random gallery collection of various genres including still life, street photography and architecture. Nikon D610 was the camera used. Most images were shot with the Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G Micro, and one with the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G. Have fun!

Small Plastic White Flowers Interior DecorationFloral Interior Decoration Still Life

Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Climbing – Climbing Worker

In response to the Daily Post: Climbing

Sea of differenceSingapore 2013: Climbing Worker In The Sea Of Difference

A worker clambers on to continue work on a temporary makeshift jetty in the middle of the Singapore River under the hot tropical sun. Most construction workers in Singapore are foreigners who work in physical labour-intensive, blue-collar work. Somewhat ironically, other foreigner mill about opposite him as tourists. Some of them actually come from the same country he does – as large countries inevitably experience a significant income divide among different states and provinces.

This is an old image, made long ago in 2013. – WY

2017 Week 10 Gallery: Chinatown Bazaar

Singapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar - At A Food StallSingapore 2017: Chinatown Bazaar – Shoppers At The Food Stall

Posting at least one series of pictures from Chinatown has become a yearly routine. There are two major Chinese festivals in a year, so the opportunity is difficult to resist. If I didn’t visit during one festival, I would have still have the opportunity to visit during the other. Continue reading

Singapore 2017 Week 4: Little India

Singapore 2016: Little India - Tourists At The Coconut StoreSingapore 2016: Little India – Coconuts With The Family

Little India in Singapore is the Indian equivalent of the Chinatowns that are common all over the world. New migrants started their lives in their new country by gathering, meeting, and living in a specific area. Then that area becomes a Chinatown, or a Little France, or a Little Mexico, or in this case – a Little India. Continue reading